4th Wall AR app

4th Wall: a first-of-its-kind, AR Fine Art app which allows viewers to walk and teleport through my VR drawings-translated-into-AR drawings, my LA studio in 360, and a hologram of me talking about the conceptual underpinnings of my work. User can experience and record the AR artworks anywhere in the world.

I’ve been astonished by users’ ingenuity, creativity, humor and content-creation. See @4thwallapp or #4thwallapp on Instagram for a wide and diverse variety of 4th wall images and videos — from the skies above Malawi, to the Cleveland steelyards, to the 5 train to the Bronx, to the LAX baggage claim, to the Mexican Border Wall, to Carnegie Hall and classrooms in Qatar– just to name a few.

URGENT: 4th Wall is nominated for an AUGGIE AWARD— please vote here– thank you!: https://auggie.awardsplatform.com/entry/vote/KAgOlNAo?category=20160

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for additional info: 4thwallapp.org

Videos by Rich Lee

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