I am so grateful for the enthusiastic and adventurous crowd that showed up to Butcher Bird last night to experience Hollow Point, my analog and VR drawings in person! Special thanks to Luis Reyes and Butcher Bird Studios, Meera Kim of Arbor Entertainment, and Drive Studios for making it such a fantastic experience for everyone. […]

Very excited to be showing new VR drawings on September 10th, 2017 from 4-7 pm at Butcherbird Studios (in conjunction with just-down-the-street The Pit LA‘s opening): Hollow Point: a one-night VR exhibition at Butcher Bird Studios, sponsored by Butcher Bird Studios and Arbor Films, featuring new works by Nancy Baker Cahill    

I’m very excited about this new direction in my work. Here is a new drawing with collage, Hollow Point 07, 42″ x 65″. Photography by Gina Clyne.  

another one from the Hollow Point series…

Had a great time last night sharing my VR work-in-progress, Hollow Point, at Butcherbird Studios. Pictured: me and Reggie Watts.

Snapshot of new drawing. 76″ x 42″    

I will be showing one of my VR drawings (in progress) at this event tomorrow night at Butcherbird Studios, hosted by the ICA LA!

Drawing in 360 degrees, it turns out, can affect your analog experience. New analog series, hollow point, being born here.  

I’m excited to be joining a bunch of futurists, VR filmmakers, artists and writers for the #whitemirror VR hack-a-thon… #onceuponafuture — a “temporary think tank” held on April 22nd and 23rd in LA! Below: new sketch I did in VR. New VR section of my website coming soon.  

Many thanks to Lorraine Heitzman for her wonderful review of the Manifestos drawings at Ochi Projects! https://artandcakela.com/2017/03/24/nancy-baker-cahill-and-elisa-johns-at-ochi-projects/