My drawings, videos and new Virtual reality projects interpret the human body as a complicated abstraction engaged in a perpetual struggle: corporeally real, yet unknowable. Folds of flesh, ropy tendons and sinew pull and push against and through each other as I mine the tension between extremes of mass and void, motion and stasis, erotic and a-sexual forms. My intention is for viewers to experience self-reflection as they consider their bodies and the bodies of others as engaged in an ongoing, unsettled contest— filled with vulnerability, strength, discomfort, and defiance. I am working with Virtual Reality technology to amplify and further animate the empathic effect of my Manifestos drawing series in 360 degrees.

Inspired by a passage in Aftermath, Susan J. Brison’s book on violent trauma and the body, my Surd series explores her concept of a mathematical “surd” as a metaphor for irreversible chaos and disruption in an otherwise linear life path, following her own horrific sexual assault. A surd is an irrational number that, when placed in a predictable series of rational numbers, destroys all pre-existing coherence. Translated, it means “non-sense,” and “voiceless.” My Surd drawings engage this metaphor through the juxtaposition of gridded, “predictable” sequences of holes punctured through the skin-like surfaces of chaotic body forms. My aim is to explore the human “rational” desire for understanding through order and logic when faced with the nonsensical. I want to dissect notions of power moving over and through the body, while embracing their intrinsic mutability.