4th Wall app on Instagram

It’s been hard to keep up with the amazing pictures and videos people have been sharing all over the world (literally!) on the website so I urge people to visit the Instagram accounts: @4thwallapp or @nancybakercahill. So much creativity and inventiveness being harnessed by people using the app to place and experience art anywhere they want in the world– from the 5 train heading to the Bronx, to hospitals, to the skies above Malawi, to Lake Eerie, to the Duomo in Milan, to streets of London, to the LAX baggage carousel– only to name a few! It’s been exciting to participate in this new kind of access to art, and expanding dialogue around notions of public art. Grateful, as always, to Drive Studios for their incredible development team.

IG credit: @micheleasselin1, Lake Austin, TX

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