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To download: click here for Android devices equipped with ARCore and iPhone 6s and above (iOS11).

Recent developments include the Coordinates collaborative AR Public Art Exhibitions and new ways to scale, rotate and place my VR drawings.

The 4th Wall app is a free, augmented reality (AR) public art platform exploring resistance and inclusive creative expression. The app invites viewers to scale, rotate, move through, place and record Nancy Baker Cahill’s AR drawings in 360 degrees. It also offers access to the artist’s LA studio, and a hologram of her talking about the conceptual underpinnings of her work. Viewers can record the AR artworks anywhere in the world, creating their own context for the works. 

COORDINATES is a new, ongoing, collaborative public AR art exhibition project which invites the viewer to be physically present at specific locations. Its includes multiple curated AR Public Art exhibitions, accessible via the “Coordinates” button on the app. When viewers select this feature, based on their location, they will be directed toward artworks in AR that activate the historically, politically or culturally significant sites they have chosen. Coordinates, an AR project created from the desire to use technology as a subversive form of resistance, aims to inspire thoughtful dialogue and expand our understanding of public art.

I’ve been astonished by users’ ingenuity, creativity, humor and content-creation. See @4thwallapp or #4thwallapp on Instagram for a wide and diverse variety of 4th wall images and videos––from the skies above Malawi to the Cleveland steelyards, from the 5 train to the Bronx to the LAX baggage claim, to the Mexican Border Wall, to Carnegie Hall and classrooms in Qatar––just to name a few.

Videos by Rich Lee

 Developed by Drive Studios