BATTLEGROUNDS Public AR art Exhibition in New Orleans will be activated October 26th

I’m delighted to announce that BATTLEGROUNDS, an unprecedented, city-wide, augmented reality (AR) public art activation in New Orleans, was accepted to the prestigious Emerge fiscal sponsorship program at Fulcrum Arts

WE NEED YOUR HELP to fund this powerful and deeply moving project. The content resonates far beyond the boundaries of New Orleans. 

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

BATTLEGROUNDS opens on October 26th with over 30 works from 23 local New Orleans artists. All artworks will be activated just before the opening. This groundbreaking exhibition blankets the entire city and broadly interprets the word “battlegrounds”. Using the LA-based 4th Wall AR app, we have geo-located thematically related artworks at the sites of the artists’ choosing. These sites include polluted waterways, confederate statues, gentrified lands, levees, prisons, neglected neighborhoods, slave trade sites, formerly indigenous territories – to name just a few. 

New Orleans is unlike any other American city as the birthplace of many of our most complicated histories that shaped and continue to mirror our country’s urgent challenges and cultural triumphs today.

Community programming and workshops are essential to this project, as is public access to the artworks. Your gift will help fund workshops (as pictured below, on September 21st) with local youth in the lower Ninth Ward and related outreach projects. 

(images to follow in subsequent post)

Your generous gift will also help support the artists, and costs of the exhibition itself. If you can’t be in New Orleans for the opening or in the months that follow, please experience it on on October 26th or check @4thwallapp or @nancybakercahill on Instagram for early glimpses of what’s coming!   

Nancy Baker Cahill
Artist, Founder and Creative Director of 4th Wall App

Nic Aziz
Ron Bechet
Allison Beondé
Jennifer Blanchard
Lily Brooks 
Keith Calhoun
Hannah Chalew
Dawn DeDeaux
Jan Gilbert
L. Kasimu Harris
Ana Hernandez 
Horton Humble
Jennifer Odem
Kristin Meyers 
Chandra McCormick
Cristina Molina
Rontherin Ratliff
Kristina Kay Robinson
Robert Tannen
Ashley Teamer 
Jonathan Traviesa
Michel Varisco
John Isiah Walton

Photo credit:
Chandra McCormick, Holy Family Spiritual Church, 2004, Lower Ninth Ward
Ana Hernandez, SLAVERY TIME, 2016, Esplanade & Chartres 
Rontherin Ratliff, Never The Twain Shall Meet, 2017, Homer Plessy Way
Kristin Meyers, CYCLONE, 2019, Cannon at Washington Artillery Park 
Ron Bechet, A Love Supreme Charcoal, 2018, Congo Square