My two animated, AR drawings in the Desert X Biennial are live. The two sites:

Remember to download the updates 4th wall app using Wifi before going — Wifi will not be necessary to experience the works after the initial download. 

Curator Neville Wakefield writes: ““With nearly half a century separating us from the time in the late ‘60’s/ early 70’s when land art was being created almost exclusively by men and machinery used mostly to scarify the earths surface, one of the conversations that trails any show of this kind is what would land art look like now? Nancy Baker Cahill’s AR/VR project suggests one possible answer. Bracketing both ends of the Coachella valley it plays on the contrast between the technological utopia – represented in the north by the mid-century architectural dreams and more recently the promise of renewable energy and entropic dystopian condition of the Salton Sea to the south east. Riffing on the idea of the wind farms as an AI garden she fills the air above with what might be the blossoms and blooms of benign technological procreation. Over the Salton Sea we find the swirling particulate form of a dust cloud composed of forms drawn from the remains of the life that once flourished there. Both invoke what Timothy Morton terms hyperobjects – entities of such vast temporal, spatial and philosophical dimensions that they defeat traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place. To see download the 4th Wall app.”


For help with 4th Wall, visit this page.

Margin of Error by NBC

Margin of Error, Image of 4th Wall App, 2019, Salton Sea, CA; photo by Lance Gerber

Nancy Baker Cahill, Revolutions, 2019, Palm Springs, CA; Photo by Lance Gerber

Nancy Baker Cahill, Revolutions, 2019, Palm Springs, CA; Photo by Daniel Wheeler

Margin of Error, Augmented Reality drawing, 2019 Location: Salton Sea State Recreation Visitor Center (for Desert X) Photo: Daniel Wheeler