LA Weekly – TotH Fellowship

Thank you LA Weekly and Shana Nys Dambrot for covering the Berggruen Institute’s Transformations of the Human Fellowship! “On the cusp of the future rushing towards us we seek increasingly integrated physical and mental technological tools and augmentations. But by pursuing AI, the expanded mind and tele/virtual everything, we will also be increasingly looking to define our separateness from those technologies. In short, we are rediscovering our animal side as a guard against the encroaching intelligent machines that we created in order to separate from nature in the first place.” — Shayna Nys Dambrot 
I feel especially grateful for the fellowship as it feels more relevant each day. Now as our physical bodies are under direct threat, technologies can both divide and connect us. Looking forward to further investigating the blurred boundaries between humans and machines and their inherent inequities/opportunities.
EVER NOW (pictured here), speaks to our current moment, as each of us contends with our shared embodiment, vulnerability and interconnectedness.