I was so excited to contribute an essay (my first ever!) “Embracing the Radical Uncertainty of Part-Machines” to this thought-provoking symposium in today’s LA Review of Books: Remote Intervention: A Symposium in Partnership with the Transformations of the Human Program at the Berggruen Institute. I can’t wait to see/experience the contributions of the other participants […]

Everyone who knows me knows about my passion for books. Click here to read Jonathan Velardi’s thoughtful essay and see my list of recommended reading.

And featured on the Hirschorn Museum’s website:

4th Wall app is honored to host artist-run AR skywriting as a part of @inplainsightmap. Today and tomorrow, 80 artists join together to launch @inplainsightmap​ – ​a stunning effort to make visible the injustices of the largest immigration detention system in the world. .Thank you to the @inplainsightmap team, @cassilsartist, @elrafaesparza and to @beatrizcortezflores for inviting […]

Here is David Colman’s wonderful NY Times article, in print!

Nearly 15 months in the making, *Liberty Bell* is my first multi-city installation of an animated AR public artwork with sound (swipe left for video, SOUND ON). The project is featured simultaneously in six cities in the United States:, Boston, MA, Rockaway, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Charleston, SC, Selma, AL. Liberty Bell will be […]

SHE ASCENDS, by Brianna Harlan, poetry by Hannah Drake, 2020 A virtual AR monument to Breonna Taylor and #sayhername Breonna Square (6th and Jefferson), Louisville KY I am so deeply honored to be a part of this collaborative call for justice with @_briannaharlan, @21chotels hosted by the @4thwallapp. We must continue to fight for Breonna […]

Passing-Time, 2020  My contribution to Passing-Time, “an artist-driven experiment that has no commercial or institutional affiliation. Artists were invited by fellow artists and curators to submit work that reflects the conditions we find ourselves in and the new practices they may engender. The results will exist on the passing-time website ( where they will function […]