Image: BFA/Joy Asico. Courtesy of Art Production Fund.

Liberty Bell is a new AR public art project by Nancy Baker Cahill, presented simultaneously in six cities in the United States: Boston, MA, Charleston, SC, Philadelphia, PA, Rockaway, NY, Selma, AL, and Washington, DC. Liberty Bell will be on view from July 4, 2020. In this polarized and tumultuous election year many concerns persist around the founding principles of American freedom and democracy. Inequality, structural racism, injustice, disinformation, surveillance, and the ability to vote are chief among them.

Commissioned by Art Production Fund, in partnership with 7G Foundation and the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, a project of the Fund for the City of New York, Liberty Bell is an animated, monumental and richly sonorous augmented reality (AR) drawing in 360 degrees. The public artwork will be geolocated at a series of sites and experienced on smartphones and tablets through Baker Cahill’s free 4th Wall app. This project, which is two years in the making, lives at the vibrant intersection of public art, social consciousness and tech.


Zachary Drucker, In Plain Sight, 2020 A coalition of 80 artists coming together to fight migrant detention and the culture of incarceration. Experienced on location via the 4th Wall app.

4th Wall app is honored to host artist-run AR skywriting as a part of @inplainsightmap. 80 artists joined together to launch @inplainsightmap​ – ​a stunning effort to make visible the injustices of the largest immigration detention system in the world.



Battlegrounds is a city-wide, site-specific, augmented reality (AR) public art activation in New Orleans, featuring 30 artworks in AR by 24 New Orleans artists. This curated project pairs artworks at contested sites of the artists’ choosing and interprets the word “Battleground” as broadly as possible. The exhibition is accessible via the 4th Wall app under “Coordinates”.

DESERT X 2019, Coachella Valley

Nancy Baker Cahill’s Margin of Error and Revolutions  were both experienced in the specialized Desert X feature of the 4th Wall app. These animated augmented reality drawings in the Coachella Valley left no physical trace while prompting awareness of past, present, and impending environmental disaster.

The Auto Show, Boston Greenway, Boston, MA

Two of Nancy Baker Cahill’s augmented reality artworks related to the embodied physics of driving are on view via the HoverlayAR app in the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Co-curated by Boston Cyberarts, the Greenway Conservancy and HoverlayAR. Through May 2020.



Defining Line is a public art, AR exhibition along the LA River featuring works by Los Angeles-based artists, co-curated by Nancy Baker Cahill and Debra Scacco. Site-related themes include gentrification, colonization, climate change, and immigration. On view via Coordinates in the 4th Wall app. 


Coordinates is an ongoing collaborative, site specific, public AR art exhibition and the umbrella project for all additional 4th Wall curated, geo-located exhibitions.