Berggruen Institute- A project that came out of a need to put someone inside the artwork in an unconscious, wordless way. Transformations of the Human artist fellow Nancy Baker Cahill explores the transformative medium that is virtual reality.

Behind the Spectacles with Nancy Baker Cahill. Captured through Snap Spectacles 3.

Alley: Digital Discovery- Experiencing Art through XR

View Historic Landmarks With This Augmented Reality Art App | Future Blink

BLOOMBERG MEDIA: Art + Technology, “Art and Augmented Reality: NANCY BAKER CAHILL”, 2018

Games For Change: Keynote – The Subversive Potential of XR in Fine Art and Public Access with Nancy Baker Cahill, 2019

TEDx: Increasing Dialogue through Drawing: Using Augmented Reality (AR) as a Tool for Equity and Access, 2019

Sonar + D: Augmented Aesthetics