SHE ASCENDS, by Brianna Harlan via 4th Wall app • Breonna Taylor AR Monument in Louisville

SHE ASCENDS, by Brianna Harlan, poetry by Hannah Drake, 2020

A virtual AR monument to Breonna Taylor and #sayhername

Breonna Square (6th and Jefferson), Louisville KY

I am so deeply honored to be a part of this collaborative call for justice with @_briannaharlan, @21chotels hosted by the @4thwallapp. We must continue to fight for Breonna Taylor. 

A virtual AR monument to Breonna Taylor and #sayhernameBreonna Square (6th and Jefferson), Louisville KY

Via @_briannaharlan:

#SHEASCENDS an AR Monument in Breonna Square Park. Very excited to announce this one. Thank you to the family of #BreonnaTaylor for sending me photos and their blessing, and releasing her likeness for this work. Big thank you to @4thwallapp @21chotels for making it possible. And thank you to @hannahdrake628 for hopping on the phone with me when I said I needed some spoken word for a new piece! 


We are honored to partner with Louisville-based artist Brianna Harlan and Nancy Baker Cahill, creator of 4th Wall/COORDINATES, to share SHE ASCENDS, a virtual, interactive Augmented Reality (AR) monument for Breonna Taylor and the “Say Her Name” movement. “The artwork features Breonna Taylor ascending to become a guardian angel in the city’s fight for equality,” explains Harlan. “She is held up by protestors demanding justice in moments that depict marching, speeches, and the passing of Breonna’s Law. On pillars, two women look over us with the weight of history: Nancy Green and Alberta Odell Jones. Nancy Green was the original ‘Aunt Jemima’ of the pancake brand, born a slave in Kentucky. Alberta Odell Jones was one of the first African-American women to pass the Kentucky bar and the first woman appointed city attorney in Jefferson County. She was brutally murdered in 1965 at age 34. Halos surround the crowns of these women and float in the air as countless unnamed Black women that have suffered, sacrificed, and died in Kentucky are honored. Audio activates the experience further with chants, sounds, and quotes— layered with poetry from spoken-word artist Hannah Drake.” ⁠⠀

⁠Visible only on the 4th Wall/COORDINATES platform, SHE ASCENDS is located across from Breonna’s Square (also known as Jefferson Square), in front of Metro Hall, like a spirit keeping watch.