I interpret the human body as an ephemeral site of ongoing struggle and resistance.

In drawing, video, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), installation and original sound, I attempt to isolate simultaneous moments of exertion, violence, defiance, and stillness in my graphite and digital mark-making. I am equally interested in power dynamics and how they shift, strain and contract. On paper and in virtual space, my process is deeply physical. My hope is that this energy is present in the experience of the work.

My move to digital drawing in 360 degrees is a natural extension of what began (and continues) on paper. It allows for an empathic and immersive expansion of my ideas, as well as the ability to introduce traditional drawing into an uncharted technological arena. This juxtaposition of analog and digital technology in a shared space underscores the idea of tension within one body and the conflict this provokes both formally and emotionally.

My free, AR public art app, 4th Wall, is a tool of public engagement and subversive social practice. It has allowed me to share my work and studio, and to collaborate with users who create new contexts and content by placing my works in the environments of their choosing, all over the world.

My collaborative public art exhibitions in 4th Wall include AR artworks created by me and by fellow artists working rigorously that activate the historically, politically or culturally significant locations we have chosen. Viewers experience the artworks in situ and consider the works in relation to their respective settings.

Access to art is essential to me. My goal with all of my projects is to offer unexpected embodied experiences to new audiences that in turn provoke conversation and initiate a broader cultural dialogue.