upcoming podcasts

I will be interviewed in three upcoming podcasts (release dates to be announced soon:)

State of the Art (Join host Ethan Appleby each week as he interviews leaders who are at the forefront of technology’s role in the art world. Because tech is not only changing the way artists create, it’s bringing radical change in the way all of us interact with art.)

Bookish with host Sonya Walger (Sonya is an actress who loves reading. Bookish is the podcast she created to talk to interesting people about the 5 books that have most shaped who they are. Not their favorites, not the ones they always recommend. The 5 that were turning points, realizations, discoveries about themselves and the world they were living in)

What Artists Listen To (W.A.L.T) (…a podcast that explores the soundtracks of artist’s lives with host Pia Pack)