Web3: How It's Going Summit | Keynote Presentation by Nancy Baker Cahill | Presented by Protocol Labs and NFT.Storage
COLA Fellowship 2022: Conversation with Nancy Baker Cahill and Charlotte Kent, PhD
Tezos x SXSW 2022: Nancy Baker Cahill
Tezos: Artistic Experimentation & The Blockchain by Serpentine.
Hans Ulrich Obrist in a dicussion about Artistic Experimentation & The Blockchain.
Hirshorn: Friday Art Break: Surveillance Technologies in XR Art, Activism, and Everyday Life.
Snap: Behind the Spectacles with Nancy Baker Cahill
Mashable: View Historic Landmarks With This Augmented Reality Art App / Future Blink
Art and Technology: Nancy Baker Cahill Revamps Galleries with Augmented Reality. Brought to you by Hyundai.
TEDx Talks: Augmented Reality (AR) as an Artist’s Tool for Equity and Access
Games for Change: Keynote - The Subversive Potential of XR in Fine Art and Public Access with Nancy Baker Cahill
Sónar+D Talks: Augmented Aesthetics #AR
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