Luminex: Projected Realities


"Projected Realities'' aptly signals an ongoing national crisis of misinformation and propaganda aimed at demonizing and oppressing marginalized communities and demographic groups. The search for truth is being willfully manipulated toward fundamentalist ends that enable the miscarriage of justice over and over again. In Slipstream: Petit Mort, I wanted to seize the idea of altering reality toward constructive, rather than destructive, ends. I summoned the mutative powers of 3D software and projected a new reality, one related to pre-cinematic cave painting, drawing, and entangled human and botanical life. My process is a project of mutable translation; I transform graphite drawings on paper into sculptures, then scan, light, and animate them. Information is lost and gained as the drawings journey through the software that supports their new incarnations. Slipstream: Petit Mort gestures toward the organic, as a simulated fiction of botanical forms. This projected changeling invites us to perceive beauty in nature and in visceral embodied interconnectedness. My hope is that the wall, the surface for projection, dissolves and becomes a living, breathing hybrid entity, forged of light, graphite, paper, electricity, hardware, and software, and that for a moment, we are spared invective and invited into communal transfiguration."

-Nancy Baker Cahill

Drone footage by Koury Angelo

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