Premiering at Cosm in 2024


Multi-sensory Storytelling Transformed
Cosm and award-winning new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill are setting a new standard for immersive storytelling by bringing SEEK, Baker Cahill’s immersive visual narrative project to be exclusively experienced in Shared Reality at Cosm venues. Baker Cahill, known for her renowned work that pushes the boundaries of AR and immersive video, has been exhibited internationally, including Times Square and an installation at The Whitney Museum of American Art, and will be the first artist to join the Cosm Studios creator program.

Entirely New Canvas for Art
Using the visual and aural language of camouflage, SEEK invites guests to actively look and listen more deeply. Dissolving the interface between viewer, lens, and filmed content, SEEK’s interactive visual odyssey explores a series of bespoke abstract landscapes – water, sand and wind, fire, and forest – each layered with meticulously camouflaged imagery and sound. Audiences will be asked to “seek” in both the literal and philosophical sense: to discern, grapple with, and imagine interconnected and entangled worlds. An ideal venue for SEEK, Cosm’s LED canvas enhances the way audiences experience art, at scale, with a state-of-the-art sound system and an unprecedented ability to play with light and moving image to enrich a sensory experience in unprecedented ways.

Please direct all inquires to: 
Jessy Arisohn, 291 Agency  




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