State Property AR


State Property, an animated neon AR sculpture of a fractured uterus, refers to court-ordered, state-sanctioned intervention on surveilled bodies, making wombs public sites of legal and criminal action. Neon, often a language of cheap advertising, reflects the false promises of maternal support after, and now in some states, well before birth. State Property signals the dissolution of body sovereignty in America, of the individual's right to decide when and how reproduction occurs, and the mortal perils of denied reproductive freedom. The work also refers to a fracturing democracy, induced by redistricting, the erasure of voting rights, and a corruptly applied rule of law.

State Property will appear over the Supreme Court of the United States as well as local statehouses (including FL, ID, GA, MO, NC, TX) that have introduced or passed dangerous legislation against tens of millions of Americans through the free, 4th Wall app.


State Property, 2023, Georgia Capitol Building

State Property, 2023, Idaho State Capitol Building

State Property, 2023, Texas Supreme Court

State Property, 2023, North Carolina State Capitol Building

Special thanks to Caleb Craig and Shaking Earth Digital.

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